How to create video subtitles like MrBeast

A man is watching Mrbeast's YouTube video.
MrBeast is a famous Internet YouTube, this post will briefly introduce MrBeast’s biography and analyse how to make videos like MrBeast’s from the content that MrBeast posts and some of his video tips.

Who is MrBeast?

Originally known as James Stephen “Jimmy” Donaldson, MrBeast was born on 7 May 1998 and raised in Greenville, North Carolina. He is an online self-published media creator, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. MrBeast is better known than his real name. The main reason for this is his popularity on YouTube, where he started posting videos in 2012, when MrBeast was 13 years old.
Photos by Mrbeast in 2023
Mrbeast on the set of the video shoot

How many subscribers does MrBeast’s YouTube video channel have?

As of today, MrBeast has over 245,000,000,000,000 subscribers on YouTube, making him the most subscribed individual on YouTube. A total of 781 videos have been posted.
In addition to YouTube, MrBeast also has millions of followers on Twitter, Facebook, TikTok and other platforms, as well as a high content influence, so MrBeast’s huge success in YouTube content has inspired every creator, and this article will focus on the content level to analyse how to make videos as good as MrBeast. In this article, we will focus on how to make videos as good as MrBeast’s.

Why do people love MrBeast’s video content so much

The next part of this article will focus on why MrBeast’s videos are so popular, and why they are so well distributed and promoted on the YouTube platform. The next section will analyse MrBeast’s video content in terms of MrBeast’s career and overall content structure.

MrBeast’s Career

In February 2012, at the age of 13, MrBeast uploaded his first YouTube video under the name “MrBeast6000”. His early content included Let’s Plays, as well as content from gaming videos such as “My World “and “Call of Duty: Black Ops II” , but MrBeast rarely showed his face in these videos.


Between 2015 and 2016, MrBeast began to make a small name for himself with hilarious videos like his “The Worst Introductions on YouTube.” As of mid-2016, Donaldson had approximately 30,000 subscribers.In the autumn of 2016, MrBeast dropped out of East Carolina University to begin a full-time YouTuber career. During the course of 2016, MrBeast began working full time on YouTube’s recommendation algorithm and began to learn non-stop about what other YouTubers were making videos about.
Starting in 2017, MrBeast began making viral videos, which were predominantly hunted videos. The videos included counting from 0 to 100,000, spending 24 hours underwater, breaking glass with a hundred stereos, and more. These videos have helped MrBeast gain a lot of revenue and a huge following, and at the same time, MrBeast donated $1 million, making MrBeast the biggest philanthropist among YouTube bloggers.
In 2018, MrBeast bought a lot of TV adverts as well as adverts on other video platforms in order to increase the number of subscribers to his channel. This was included during the Super Bowl, where he purchased a large number of seats and printed relevant jingles on their clothing.
In 2019, MrBeast partnered with gaming company Electronic Arts for a live-action “Battle Royale” game with a $200,000 prize pool. In addition to the game, in April 2020, MrBeast ran a live “rock, paper, scissors” competition and offered $250,000 in prizes. In October 2020, MrBeast also organised a knowledge contest with a $300,000 prize.
As a result of the above, MrBeast has gained a very large following and a lot of followers. In November 2021, following the popularity of the Korean drama “The Squid Game”, MrBeast launched a real-life version of “The Squid Game”, which attracted 456 contestants and a cash prize of $456,000 from MrBeast.
The video was posted on YouTube and was a huge success, with the video being viewed more than 130 million times in one week. The video was viewed over 130 million times in one week and helped MrBeast surpass 100,000,000 subscribers on the main YouTube channel on 28 July 2022, 200,000,000 subscribers on the main YouTube channel on 15 October 2023, and 245,000,000 subscribers to MrBeast’s main YouTube channel as of today. As of today, MrBeast’s main YouTube channel has over 245,000,000 subscribers.

Analysis of MrBeast’s main content

The main video content of MrBeast can be derived from the career of MrBeast. MrBeast’s videos can be divided into three main categories.
The first category is MrBeast’s videos in which MrBeast’s real people perform some interesting, challenging or dangerous activities, which usually attracts a lot of users with strong curiosity.
The second category, known as “junklord” videos in English, is what we often call product testing videos, where MrBeast buys a bunch of related products, examines them and shoots them.
The third category, and the one that attracts MrBeast’s audience the most, is the bounty videos. MrBeast runs a lot of live action programmes, which not only attracts a large number of viewers, but also provokes a lot of interactions in the comments section, which further increases the reach of MrBeast’s video content.

Tips for making MrBeast videos go viral

MrBeast’s videos averaged over a million views because MrBeast spent a lot of time researching YouTube’s algorithmic content and adapting it to maximise click-through rates and viewer retention.
In MrBeast’s videos, everything from the topic, title, and thumbnail are all key elements that MrBeast focuses on. In an interview, MrBeast said that if you want to make a video that has the potential to go viral, the topic is very important, and that it needs to be “original, creative, something that people really need to see, and preferably something that hasn’t been done before”. It needs to be “original, creative, something people really need to see, preferably something that’s never been done before”.
In addition to the topic, the title of the video is also very important, and it is the title that determines the click-through rate of the video. MrBeast usually uses strong appealing words in the title such as “Challenge” and “Finish in 24 hours” to boost the viewers’ video click-through rate. Click-through rate.
In terms of video thumbnail, MrBeast designs bright and colourful images, which can catch the viewers’ eyes at the first time and convey the main information of the video through the thumbnail, so designing a colourful thumbnail will effectively increase the click rate of the video.
In terms of video content, MrBeast pays attention to the rhythm of the video, at the beginning of the video, MrBeast will give a short introduction to the content of the video, which is often taken as a more attractive content. At the same time, his videos are all about engaging the user in various interactions throughout the video, giving the user a tangible experience of feeling like they are able to interact with MrBeast in a friendly way, satisfying the user’s sense of involvement. Making users more interested in MrBeast’s later videos is an important way for MrBeast to increase video retention.

Other Tips for MrBeast’s Videos

If you think the previously mentioned MrBeast video content tips are too complicated to make progress on in a short amount of time, one of MrBeast’s video production tips that can be done in just one step using Zeemo is to create the same type of video subtitles as MrBeast.
Why do you need subtitles? As a top video content creator, MrBeast understands the importance of subtitles.
According to the BBC, Stagetext data shows that four out of five viewers aged 18-25 say they use subtitles all or some of the time. The charity’s research suggests that on average 31 per cent of people would go to live events and performances if more of them were subtitled on screens in the venue. Among 18-25 year olds, this is 45 per cent, compared to 16 per cent of over 56s.
According to a preply survey of more than 1,260 Americans, 50% of Americans watch captioned content.
  • 50% of Americans watch subtitled content most of the time.
  • 55% of Americans say it’s harder than ever to hear dialogue in shows and movies.
  • 62% of Americans use subtitles more on streaming services than on regular TV.
  • 57% watch programmes in public; 74% of Generation Z do so.

How to add subtitles to videos like MrBeast with Zeemo

Zeemo can help you add subtitles to your videos just like MrBeast in one click. It will help your video content to be known by more viewers and increase the impression of your video to more users.
Here’s a tutorial on how to add subtitles like MrBeast to your videos using Zeemo.
Search for Zeemo in your browser (click here to enter) and register or sign in to your Zeemo account.
  • Click “Create Subtitles” or “New Project” and upload a local video file, or paste a social media link and upload the video.
  • Wait for Zeemo to generate subtitles automatically and you can edit the video content.
  • Select Template – Motion Effects, the second one in the first row is the subtitle style used by MrBeast, click it to add it.
  • Click Export Video to export your video.
  • Click here to add the same subtitles as MrBeast to your video now

Why Add Subtitles to Your Videos with Zeemo?

We chose Zeemo to add subtitles to videos because it uses the most advanced AI technology to automatically add subtitles, including the same subtitle styles as MrBeast, and it has a number of advantages that are hard to beat:
  • Trained using advanced AI technology and big data models
  • Accuracy rate of over 98% (all languages supported)
  • Support for up to 20 languages
  • Free translation of subtitles into other languages
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  • Support for both mobile phones and computers
  • 500+ subtitle templates and styles
  • Support for dynamic subtitle effects
  • Support for exporting subtitle files and videos containing subtitles
  • Free trial with no feature limitations (20 minutes per user)
This is the tutorial on how to create video subtitles like MrBeast, and finally you are welcome to use Zeemo to add subtitles to your videos for free.