Edit Tiktok Caption

Editing TikTok video captions and customize subtitle fonts, position, colour and apply pre-made templates.

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How to Add and Edit TikTok Captions?


Upload Video

To generate captions for your video using Zeemo, start by selecting the video file you want to work with. You can upload videos from your pc or phone to get captioned or transcribed.


Click “Caption”

Caption video, and you can also choose to translate or edit captions. You can edit, customize, and apply styles for impressive video. Add, edit & translate video subtitles with ease!



Once you have completed captioning process, you can easily export your video file with fully embedded captions or download the SRT caption file for further use.

Add and Edit TikTok Captions with Ease

Elevate Your TikTok Creations with Captivating Captions

Add Captions: The Art of Storytelling

Captions are a powerful storytelling tool on TikTok. When adding captions, creators have the opportunity to provide context, evoke emotions, or deliver witty punchlines. By complementing captivating visuals with carefully crafted captions, creators can engage viewers beyond the video's audio and create a memorable experience. Zeemo will help you in adding captions accurately and let you customize all the subtitles to fit your own brand style.


Editing Captions: Perfecting the Artistry

Zeemo's editing capabilities allow creators to refine and perfect their TikTok video captions. Whether it's adjusting the duration, font style, or positioning, editing empowers creators to curate captions that resonate harmoniously with the video's flow and theme. The editing process unleashes the potential to create visually captivating text that complements the video seamlessly.


Tailoring Captions: to Fit Your Audience

Captions contribute to the discoverability of TikTok videos. By incorporating relevant keywords and phrases, creators optimize their videos for search engine results. Well-crafted captions, in turn, attract viewers who resonate with the video's content, leading to higher engagement, likes, and shares. With the right blend of visuals and words, TikTok becomes a platform for expressing ideas and sparking positive change.

Tool List

The Ultimate Auto Video Caption Tool

Save time and resources with Zeemo's automatic captioning and transcription tools, eliminating the need for manual transcribing.

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    Add Subtitles to Video

    Zeemo provides a user-friendly platform to add subtitles to your videos with ease. You can make your content more inclusive, accessible, and appealing to a broader audience.

  • tool1

    Video Translator

    By leveraging Zeemo's video translator to create bilingual subtitles, you can effectively engage with diverse audiences, expand your reach, and enhance the accessibility of your video content.

  • tool2

    Transcribe Audio to Text

    Whether you have recorded interviews, meetings, lectures, podcasts, or any other audio content, Zeemo's advanced technology empowers you to effortlessly transcribe audio to text.

  • tool3

    Transcribe Video to Text

    Whether you have recorded interviews, webinars, vlogs, or any other video content, Zeemo simplifies the process to transcribe video to text with remarkable accuracy. Upload your videos and try!

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